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How It Works

Program Lifecycle

The Ibrahim Student Leadership Program is a unique experiential education opportunity for high achieving students and early-career professionals with an interest in the Middle East. Our program leverages technology to create a blended learning model - both on- and offline - that allows participants to learn from experts and each other through digital channels before fully immersing themselves in the region. 

Application Period 

Students and early-career professionals from a variety of personal and academic backgrounds are invited to apply to join the Ibrahim Student Leadership Program


Experiential Education

Participants embark on guided trips across the Middle East, engaging with subject matter experts, experiencing local cultures, and creating connections


Digital Modules

Accepted participants partake in a rigorous digital learning program that addresses key trends in the region and develops dialogue and conflict resolution skills


Alumni Community

Upon completion of the program, participants are invited to join the Ibrahim alumni community where they have continued learning and networking opportunities


"This trip prepares the combat 

the greatest weapon of mass destruction: ignorance."

"And if you open your mind to all that this trip has to offer, it will be a transformative moment in your life."

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