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Our Program

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Ibrahim Student Leadership and Dialogue Middle East Program empowers cross-cultural and multi-faith networks of student-scholar activists with a nuanced understanding of the complexities of this strategically vital and tumultuous region.

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Our Vision

Participants interact with a broad spectrum of Middle Eastern cultures and perspectives, particularly in the fields of religious understanding, social entrepreneurship, and conflict transformation to fortify their role as thought leaders and informed actors on the front lines of hope, empathy, and innovation.

"I’m a much stronger person for what I’ve seen and what I’ve done, and all the friends I’ve made on this trip.”

Program Objectives


Provide an opportunity for university students and early-career professionals with strong leadership potential to gain firsthand experience in the Middle East

Inspire respectful dialogue as a tool for building mutual understanding between people of different faiths and backgrounds


Facilitate engagement with organizations and leaders in the Middle East working to overcome religious, cultural, ethnic, and political prejudice and hostility in the region


Create a more knowledgeable cohort of young scholars who will become the thought leaders influencing U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East


“I cannot express how critical this program has been to my college experience. I have no doubt that it can carry the same weight for others like me – students with untapped potential that just need that initial opportunity to make it happen. For this reason, funding is critical. I can think of no better way to help my generation and the world we will inherit.”

Our Mission
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